Tuesday, 17 February 2015


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A total of six participants from PRIME- K presented abstracts at the Eastern Africa Health Professional Educators’ Association (EAHPEA) held in Kampala on June 11-13, 2014 at Africana Hotel.
The six participants were the 5 PRIME – K participants (Dr. Minnie Kibore, Collins Owek, Raphael Kinuthia Wycliffe Ndege and Susan Wanja) and a seed recipient from Kenyatta University, Mary Mururi.
The theme of conference of the conference was "Strengthening Systems for Health Professionals' Education. "
All the six prime-k members who participated in the conference registered as members of the EAHPEA. Two of the PRIME-K members, Dr. Minnie Kibore and Mr. Collins Owek chaired sessions in day two and three of conference respectively.
The objective of the PRIME – K team was to disseminate PRIME-K program outcomes to the rest of the world.

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