Tuesday, 17 February 2015

ALL MEPI (Kenya) Meeting

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(College of Health Sciences Principal Prof. Isaac Kibwage giving a speech during the meeting)
All MEPI (Kenya) meeting is a biannual forum intended to bring all the members from the PRIME K board, Program staff and Aim members including the four collaborating institutions to share the progress of the program. The first one this year was held on February 28, 2014 at the Central Catering Unit (CCU) in the main campus.
This biannual review meeting was held at the Heron Court Hotel; 16th July 2014. A preliminary report was presented by the consultant on qualitative assessment carried out about two months ago.
The meeting saw all the consortium partners for the MEPI-Kenya grant come together to discuss the current status of the program. (University of Nairobi, University of Washington, University of Maryland Baltimore, Kenyatta University and Maseno University)
Speaking during the event, the Program’s Principal Investigator, Prof. James Kiare reflected on the wonderful four years and support of all key stakeholders as MEPI-Kenya strives to achieve its main goal to strengthen health care outcomes and training for better health outcomes for Kenyans through improving medical education, extending reach of medical outside Nairobi, supporting faculty and the university to improve research.
“Since MEPI-Kenya was formed, it’s been an incredible journey for the University as the program sort to implement its objectives. We have integrated the use of technology to enhance learning, the Nursing Upgrading program an example.” He stated.
“We have also been able to successfully decentralized medical training by sending our students for rotations in established 17 decentralized sites country wide. This would not have been possible were it not for your support and collaboration.” He added.
The event was also graced by the Principal, UoN College of Health Sciences, Prof. Isaac Kibwage. In his speech, the Principal highlighted the impact that MEPI-Kenya has had on college in terms of innovating new ways to offer medical training.
“It’s impressive how this program has innovated teaching methodologies like the Nurses upgrading program from a diploma to degree level by use of E-learning platform. It is my hope that through this program continues to positively impact teaching methods and henceforth help improve health outcomes in our country.” He stated.
He also added that the program has not only had an impact on ways the college offer training but has had an immense influence on the faculty as well. He urged all the key players in MEPI-Kenya to press on to not only achieve the programs’ goals but to even further surpass them. This will place the program in a better position for the next phase of funding and eventually the walk towards sustainability.
The standout outcome from the meeting after the presentations by all the programs’ stakeholders was that MEPI-Kenya had achieved majority of the goals albeit the challenges along the way which were dealt with efficiently and served as learning lessons as the years progressed.
As the program enters its fifth and final year, the team braces itself to attain excellence for better health outcomes in Kenya.

“Improving health outcomes through training and research”

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