Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mary Muiruri wins AstraZeneca Research Grant award.

PRIME-K is delighted to inform you that Mary Muiruri won the AstraZeneca Research Grant award.
Mary Muiruri is a recipient of tremendous support from MEPI-Kenya in many areas of her research and this award highlights the direct impact of the capacity building by the MEPI grant.
We are proud to share our success with you - the MEPI family.This is what Mary had to say
“I kindly wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the immense support that MEPI-Kenya has given me for the past two years since December 2012 when I applied for the PRIME-K seed grant.  I have benefited a great deal through this project. First it was the seed grant which funded part of my PhD research, then the sponsorship to attend the EAPHEA conference in Kampala this year June, and two trainings in between. It's also through PRIME-K that I got to know Dr. Titus Kahiga* who has become my mentor in research.”
“I also would like to say thank you for the sponsorship to attend the SARETI modules in South Africa from 25th Aug - 6th Sept this year. I'm really grateful. I learnt a lot on ethical issues in HIV clinical trials and in research generally. It was both an opportunity for learning and exposure. Out of it I've now even began to get involved in training here at Kenyatta University.”
“It's my prayer that God richly bless you and the MEPI family, to which I now feel I belong. I look forward to participating more and more in MEPI's future activities. Thank you. ”

Mary Muiruri.
Kenyatta University.
*Dr. Titus Kahiga, is the Kenyatta University representative for MEPI-Kenya.

Mary at the EAPHEA conference in Kampala, Uganda

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